Connection reset by peer

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Subject: Connection reset by peer
Posted by:  Peter Ypenburg (pet…
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007

Hi There,

I have an application that runs minimized to the system tray. The
application is an FTP client that checks periodically for new files to
download and new files to upload to a FTP server, the application must not
pop up any error messages but when there are any errors write it to a log

In the procedure where I do the FTP up loads and downloads I have placed
many try except blocks of code to trap the different kind of errors and
write them to the log file. My problem is that when ever I get a connection
reset by peer error (Socket Error # 10054 ) it pops up an error message.
Nowhere in my code have I got functionality to show any errors so I think
that this is done in the Indy code. The side effects of this error are even
worse because the point of execution simply breaks out of my procedure not
allowing me to do things like close my logfile or clean up some memory and
so forth.

Is there a compiler directive that controls this? What must I do to stop
this from happening?

Thank you.

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