TidFTPBaseFileSystem: How is it used?

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Subject: TidFTPBaseFileSystem: How is it used?
Posted by:  M. Matt Colgin (mcolg…@gmail.com)
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007

In "TidFTPServer", there's a property called "FTPFileSystem" of
"TidFTPBaseFileSystem" type.

I've gone through the source and it really just appears to be a
skeleton-object acting as a single-point for Events in "TidFTPServer",
such as OnChangeDirectory, OnGetFileSize, OnStoreFile, etc..

But I'm curious on the intention of this object and it's purpose. There
does not appear to be a design-time TidFTPBaseFileSystem component and I
haven't found but a couple posts about it on the newsgroups.

The reason I ask, is that I'm writing an application to transfer files
for a private pseudo-p2p application using FTP as the main protocol
(with encryption of course). The idea of "containerizing" the shared
data-files in a single file on the host computer is very interesting and
would really help with it's footprint on the computer.

How is this property best used? Are there other sets of components that
it's designed for? Architecturally, where does it sit in the whole plan?

Thanks in advance,