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Subject: Re: Problem with large files
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007

"Riaan" <ria…> wrote in message

> Hi,  I am having problems with the TidFTP component when
> the file is bigger than 1Gb (file is stored on destination with
> zero bytes).

Either the server is deleteing the file, or else you are sending a TStream
that is not seeked to the correct position beforehand.  Please sho your
actual code.  Have you used a packet sniffer to verify that the full 1GB is
actually being transmitted in the first place?

> Is their another way to ftp big files?

Onloy to switch to another FTP library/component.  I doubt that this is
actually a TIdFTP problem, though.

> What is the limit for indy 10?

That depends on which version of Indy and BCB/Delphi you are actually using.
Indy 9 on all version of BCB/Delphi, and Indy 10 on BCB/Delphi v5 and
earlier, are limited to 2GB.  Indy 10 on BCB/Delphi v6 and higher is (in
theory) limited to 7.99 Exabytes (max Int64), but (in reality) is limited to
whatever the server can actually handle.



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