IdFTP freeze in List command

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Subject: IdFTP freeze in List command
Posted by:  Andr�s de la Cuadra (andresdelacuadrainfan…
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008


I'm using Indy 9 as FTP client running in a Windows XP Pro. The FTP client was developed in C++ Borland Builder 6. When trying to upload files to a Windows 2003 Server, once connection is stablished, after List command the application (thread) freeze. It doesn't freeze at all, cause I have a timer to control waiting time and I issue an Abort command to stop the process.

The problem is I get no answer from the server. I asked other persons about it and it seems to be a problem with Microsoft IIS FTP server. In fact I have the same FTP client running in another in Windows 98 machine uploading files to Unix server and have no problem with it. File transfer to Microsoft server in much larger than Unix server.

If the problem is due to a Microsoft issue I have no chance to solve it, but I can make som changes in my software in order to avoid the problem. I mean, how can I reset the connection, other than Disconnect to start all over again?, is there a way to manage this problem?.

I will apreciate any help, thanks in advance.