TCPWare FTP server to freeze/crash

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Subject: TCPWare FTP server to freeze/crash
Posted by:  Pascal (limagi…
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008

Hello Indy lovers,

My application is using the Indy 10 (snapshot) Ftp Cliënt. One of my users
is having a problem with my application in combination with a TCPWare FTP

Information I got from this user:

The other thing I wanted to mention was a problem we are having. We use an
OpenVMS system to run our production system. The only practical means of
transmitting files in and out of this OpenVMS system is via FTP. The FTP
server it runs is TCPWare for OpenVMS (TCPWare 5.7-2 on OpenVMS 8.2).
Using your application is causing this TCPWare FTP server to freeze/crash.
The only error message seems is along the lines of 'no listening ports
available' or 'ran out of listening ports'. When this occurs the FTP Server
must be restarted so we have had to stop using Limagito with OpenVMS for the
time being.

Any idea what could be causing this freeze/crash?

Best Regards,