Re: IDFTP TransferMode(dmDeflate);

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Subject: Re: IDFTP TransferMode(dmDeflate);
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009

"Theart" <nyxsn…> wrote in message

> idftp1.TransferMode(dmDeflate);
> tsize:=idftp1.Size('/AvatarIcon.pack');

What value is Size() actually returning?  Is it the correct size of the
compressed file transfer, or is it the size of the uncompressed file prior
to being transferred?

> Gauge1.Progress := trunc(AWorkCount/tsize*100)  // --> Gauge1.Progress is
> wrong

You need to be more specific.  Just saying it is wrong is not helpful.  What
is the actual value of AWorkCount?  Of tsize?  The OnWork... events are
going to represent the number of compressed bytes received, not the number
of decompressed bytes that are written to the local file.

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)



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