Re: Directory listing and ".bash_history" file?

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Subject: Re: Directory listing and ".bash_history" file?
Posted by:  Craig Peterson (cra…
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009

Hi Prune,

You should use FTP1->List("-a").  The remote server won't include files
that start with a period unless you pass that.  It is platform specific
though, so there will be servers that don't support that argument, in
which case you'll need to switch back to the empty string.  If you have
control over what servers you're connecting to it won't matter, but if
it's going to be connecting to any random server you'll probably need to
add a user-configurable option.

Craig Peterson
Scooter Software


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Directory listing and ".bash_history" file? posted by Prunesquallor on Thu, 30 Apr 2009