Connected dosn't correct when server kick me

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Subject: Connected dosn't correct when server kick me
Posted by:  explorer (explorer.…
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009

I used a TIdFTP in a seprated working thread , when I give him a job, it
will connect to the server(if not connected), download a File, keep the
connection, then suspend itself. It works fine.

If I kick the connection from the server, the thread will capture the
EIdConnClosedGracefully exception, and I worte IdFTP.Disconnect in the
try..except..end block. It also works fine.

But Next time when the thread resume, it will call "If Not
Idftp.Connected then IdFTP.Connted; ...", Idftp.Connected always return
ture, then I will got a lot of exceptions.

Is this a Bug? or I missed something?

my enviorment: Indy10.0.52 + Delphi7 + FileZillaServer @ WinXPSp3