Idftp.Put utf8 problem

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Subject: Idftp.Put utf8 problem
Posted by:  explorer (explorer.…
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009

I'm using Delphi7 + Indy10.5.5 + FileZillaSvr + WinXPChinese

My code snippet is:

  FTPFileName: String;
  F_Indy.Put(LocalFile, FTPFileName);

Here if FTPFileName is Englishname, it's OK. if FTPFileName contains
chinese name, eg: "新建 Microsoft Visio 绘图.vsd", the file uploaded on
  the server becomes "D??¨ Microsoft Visio ??í?.vsd".

I saw IssueFEAT in TIdftp.pas, and it will SendCmd('OPTS UTF8 ON'), and
FileZilla returns 200. So I guess it's because INDY assumes the
DestFilename as UTF8 format, but acctually the DestFilename is Ansistring.

How can I fix this?  Thank you!

sorry for my English