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Subject: Re: FTPS - Client Example
Posted by:  Arvid (Indy Core Team) (
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010

Hi Mark,

On 23.02.2010 23:24, Mark Moss wrote:
>      I need to FTP some files to using Secure FTP (FTPS).

Do you really mean "Secure FTP" as in FTP over SSH (see That's not
supported with Indy.

If you mean using an encrypted connection with FTP and SSL (FTPS, FTPES,
FTP-Secure or FTPS as shown here you
would have to use the SSLIOHandler Components together with a transfer
component like i.e. IdFTP oder IdHTTP.

>      Does anyone have an example of doing this in Indy10( Version 10.1.5 )
> using Delphi2007.
>      It would be greatly appreciated.

Just connect the above mentioned SSLIOHandler to the component of your
choice and put the correct DLLs into your
application directory.

With D2007's Indy version you might have to use an older version of the
DLLs (see archive on the mirror, something like 0.9.6m) but I strongly
suggest updating your Indy version in order to use a more recent and
secure version of the libraries.

- Arvid



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