Unable to compile 9/1/2010 Indy10Tiburon

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Subject: Unable to compile 9/1/2010 Indy10Tiburon
Posted by:  Dan (da…@aztechsoftware.com)
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010

I am trying to upgrade my Indy 10 in D2010.

I followed these steps:

2) Open and compile .dpk files in the following order:

1.. IndySystemX0.dpk (in Lib\System)

2.. IndyCoreX0.dpk (in Lib\Core)

3.. IndyProtocolsX0.dpk (in Lib\Protocols)

3) Now open these .dpk files and click install in the following order:

1.. dclIndyCoreX0.dpk (in Lib\Core)

2.. dclIndyProtocolsX0.dpk (in Lib\Protocols)

When I try to compile dclIndyProtocols150.dpk I receive the follwoing


Checking project dependencies...

Compiling dclIndyProtocols150.dproj (Debug configuration)

[DCC Warning] IndyProtocols150.dpk(269): W1033 Unit 'IdUriUtils' implicitly

imported into package 'IndyProtocols150'

[DCC Fatal Error] dclIndyCore150.dpk(36): F2051 Unit IdAboutVCL was compiled

with a different version of IdGlobal.gsIdVersion


Elapsed time: 00:00:00.5

What can I do to resolve this?