EIdReplyRFCError "FTP Server ready"

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Subject: EIdReplyRFCError "FTP Server ready"
Posted by:  Mauricio Gomes (mauricio.gom…@espn.com)
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011


I am new with Delphi and Indy so please bare with me.
I am trying to connect (copied settings from WS_FTP LE client software which is able to connect and execute transfers) but I get an exception with the following message:

EIdReplyRFCError "FTP Server ready"

This is the code (mockup connection data here):

with IdFTP1 do
      Host    := 'ftpserver.com.br';
      Username := 'user';
      Password := 'xxx';

      ProxySettings.Host      := '';
      ProxySettings.UserName  := 'anonymous';
      ProxySettings.Password  := '1234';
      ProxySettings.Port      := 21;
      ProxySettings.ProxyType := fpcmUserPass; // I suppose this is the equivalent to USER fireID@remoteHost which
                                              // is what I have in the WS_FTP client software configuration.


I probably have an old version. I am going to download the latest snapshot and try again.
However, if anyone has seen this behavior before and provide me with any suggestion I would really appreciate.

Thank you in advance for your attention !