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Subject: Re: Problem with indy http basic authentication
Posted by:  K. Hoffrath (no|kh|
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003

Claudio wrote:

> Please, I have problems with indy http basic authentication. If
> somebody to help me with an example code I am very grateful.
>  I altered the source code of the example of the httpclient demo to do
> a test with authenticated site,
> http://teste:senha@localhost/teste/
> IIS 5.0 / Apache
> Windows2000 Service Pack 3 / NT 4 spk 6
>        HTTP.Request.BasicAuthentication := True;
>        HTTP.Request.Username := edUsername.Text;{teste}
>        HTTP.Request.Password := edPassword.Text;{error}
> ......
> HTTP. Head(cbURL. Text);

Does it work when you use the right user and password in your
first attempt?
Which Indy-Version do you use?

I made a quick test with the Http-Clientdemo and Indy 9.00.10
i'm getting an 401 Access denied error even if i use the right user/
password at the first attempt (W2k SP2, IIS 5.0)

Karsten Hoffrath


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