List files with TIdHTTP?

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Subject: List files with TIdHTTP?
Posted by:  Greg Bullock (bullo…
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004

Is there a way to use a TIdHTTP to list all the downloadable files matching
a mask (e.g., "*.txt") from a web site?

I know the FTP class has something like this, but when I ftp (from the
command line) to the site I'm interested in, I can't seem to view its
directory structure (the ls command returns an empty list), so I'm not sure
they're really supporting public ftp downloads.

With a web browser, I can download all the *.txt files I care about, and I'd
like to automate this, but the names of the *.txt files change occasionally,
so the automated process needs to first list all the files matching that