idHttp1 Post and NMHTTP

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Subject: idHttp1 Post and NMHTTP
Posted by:  Richard Stidolph (Richa…
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004

    I've recently converted to Indy after using Fastnet for some time and
everything is fine
but I am trying to Post an XML Data Packet to a Server on a non standard

    Ive tried several solutions (even those on the newsgroup) with no luck
everything works but I dont get the response Body back as such.

    Using the Fastnet components I post it and in the OnSuccess Event I get
my XML packet
response by reading the NMHTTP.Body.

    Ive tried reading strings, streams of the response and all I can get is
the Header (200 OK)

Im sure its something really simple, but what ??

Richard Stidolph