Frames act weird

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Subject: Frames act weird
Posted by:  Richard (rwskinn…
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004

I'm using Indy 9 and Delphi 7 idHttpServer

Here is my Index.Html

<html><head><title>DL1000 Virtual WebServer</title></head>
<frameset cols="*">
<frameset rows="15%,*">
      <frame src="banner.html" scrolling="no" />
<frameset cols="20%,*">
      <frame src="menu.html" scrolling="no" />
<frame src="home.html" name="content" />

95% of the time, it draws everything correctly, however every once in
awhile,  the banner might be located where the menu is suppose to be as well
as on top were the banner is suppose to be.  Sometimes the menu is at top
and on the side.

Hitting refresh several times normally fixes it, however that's pretty buggy
and I know my boss is going to ask for me to fix it.
Of course, I'm no HTML Expert and need all the help I can get.

Anyone know whats going on.  My code was posted earlier "Http Server Error"
however I fixed the File Disposition to where it only assigns a file name to
the disposition on CSV and ZIP files.  All Html Files go thru PageProducer,
Image files go straight to ServeFile.

Any help would be "Greatly" appreciated.