Can idHTTPServer cause loss of network connectivity?

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Subject: Can idHTTPServer cause loss of network connectivity?
Posted by:  Peter Hinrichsen (peter_hinrichs…
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004

Hello everyone,

The short question is "Is there any thing I can be doing wrong with
TidHTTPServer that could be causing the machine it is running on to loose
it's connection to the network?"

The long question is I have a TidHTTPServer, wrapped up in a Delphi 7
generated Service, connecting to an Oralce database, using DOA, running on

The application has been falling over every now and then, and I have
suspected a thread problem in my database connection pool - no problems -
will fix that later I thought.

But, one of our network support guys has just noticed that when the server
falls over, it takes out the network connection. (The box is monitored
externally, and an alarm is raised when the box goes off line.)

The network connection is being lost when the application server is idle.

Now, the box this application is running on is dedicated to the one task, so
the problem must be within my application. The application is doing quite a
bit - connecting to Oracle, caching data, etc, so there are plenty of places
I could have stuffed up. What has me foxed is why is network connectivity
being lost?

I will spend tomorrow adding more logging & better exception handing to my
application, and building a test harness to hammer the thing (all the things
that should have been done earlier)

Can the TidHTTPServer kill a network connection or should I be looking at my
own code more closely.

Tks for any ideas.