IndyLib9 IdMultipartFormData.

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Subject: IndyLib9 IdMultipartFormData.
Posted by:  Tom Orsi (tor…
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004

Has anyone heard of a problem where the IdMultipartFormData.AddFile()
and Post() calls added an extra crln in the stream?

I believe i have corrected the problem, the issue is that we are using
images and i find that reading an image in and writing it out from the
webserver using file upload and href access results in the file written to
disk being 2 bytes larger.

This is because:

1. IdMultipartFormData.Read() adds an extra crlf  "#13#10" to the buffer
that it reads.
2. In order to correct the issue I had to remove the line in the Read() that
adds the
#13#10, and make a reflective change in: TidFormDataField.GetFieldSize that
compensates for (1) by adding 2 to the field size when its type stream.

Just wondering if this makes sense and or if i broke something else?