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Subject: Re: Problems with an https page
Posted by:  Caleb (no…
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004

Problem fixed with upgrading to Indy 10.

I hope Indy9 gets replaced soon.. its so buggy !

"Caleb" <no…> wrote in message
> Hey,
> I've set up an IdSSLIOHandlerSocket and an IdHTTP and I'm trying to do a
> POST on an HTTPS page.
> The operation worked flawlessly for a while, and then, I'm not sure what
> happened, and it started giving me this exception:
> "EIdHTTPProtocolException - 'HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed'"
> I'm not sure why it does it???
> I exported a Root Level 3 certificate from IE and set it up as the
> CertFile, the SSL method is sslvSSL23 and the mode is sslmClient,
> VerifyDepth is 2.
> I'm even setting the IdHTTP's port to 443 before this operation.



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