HTTP Proxy creation?

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Subject: HTTP Proxy creation?
Posted by:  Andrea Raimondi (rainap…
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004


I assume I should use a TIdHTTPServer to make an
HTTP Proxy. Yet, I am not so sure about *how* I can
really make it. I don't have alot of HTTP low level
programming and I am unsure how to get ahold of it.

From the user perspective, it seems that a proxy
should receive GET commands in  the
OnCommandGet event.
Should then check RequestInfo and forward the
necessary informations( how to replicate them? ) to the
appropriate site using TIdHTTPClient and then reading
back the content into ResponseInfo class.

This should be working for the GET part, if I'm not

The biggest problems for me are then how to handle
POSTs( not sure about this ) and sessions.

Would please anybody point me to the right direction and/or
give insights about how can I handle this stuff?