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Subject: Re: TIdCookieManager -> A/V
Posted by:  Steven Forbes (…
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004

Too many late nights - I realised I was off about the for-loop part just after I'd posted that message: somehow I'd missed that it
was a 'downto' and not a 'to' loop.

Anyway - update: the A/V *actually* occurs when processing reaches line 241 in IdCookieManager.pas. Line 240:


- causes processing to jump to IdCookie.pas (destructor TIdNetscapeCookie.Destroy). Here:

i := LCookieStringList.IndexOf(CookieName);
if i > -1 then begin

'i' evaluates to '0' (for a CookieName 'PyraID2'), and the entry is deleted. Immediately afterwards, when processing returns to
IdCookieManager.pas, the A/V occurs at this line:

LCookieList.Delete(j);  //FLX

I haven't read through this enough to understand the relationships between these various data structures yet, so I'm not very clear
about what contains what. I'd really love to be able to come up with an easily reproducible scenario, I'll try to do that tomorrow -
but in the meantime, any thoughts?


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TIdCookieManager -> A/V posted by Steven Forbes on Thu, 29 Jul 2004