EIdProtocolReplyError problems

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Subject: EIdProtocolReplyError problems
Posted by:  Andrew Morrow (andr…@cordlesshead.com)
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004

Hi all.  I am trying to handle my most important exceptions by name and
I've got these:

I know I raise an EIdHTTPProtocolException in a few instances.  Im just
showing the message as necessary and letting people deal with it (no
socket ets)

I also raise the EIdProtocolReplyError when people havnt uploaded my
webservice to the right place or have put in the wrong url..  for some
reason I have TERRIBLE luck with it.  Here are 2 code examples:

  on E: EIdHTTPProtocolException do begin
      ShowMessage('This is an error message'+#10+'The error was:'+

on E:EIdProtocolReplyError  do begin
  ShowMessage('This is another error message.'+#10+'The error was:'+


the first works like a charm

When i replace it with the second (just for the sake of cleanliness and
debugging) it gives me:

Undeclared Identifier:EIdProtocolReplyError

Any ideas?

Thanks again folks