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Subject: Re: webDav client
Posted by:  Mrbaseball34 (mrbaseball…
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005

In article <CFF69949CBACE240mark@{RemoveThis}>, mark@{RemoveThis} says...
> Hi,
> I posted a mail a few weeks ago about changes to idHttp.pas to make it a
> webDav client.  I had a reply telling me where to send the new file, but
> it's disappeared off my list!
> Can someone tell me where I can send the pas file please.
> We've added most (possibly all) of the functions needed to communicate with
> a webDAV server, including versioning control.  Not all functions are fully
> tested yet, but we will be testing them and will post bug fixes as and when.

Mark, could you also add these WebDAV functions, that are Hotmail only, I believe.


These allow you to do a PROPPATCH, DELETE, or MOVE on an entire collection instead
of just one item.


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webDav client posted by Mark Williams on Thu, 16 Sep 2004