Re: http server and "Connection Refused"

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Subject: Re: http server and "Connection Refused"
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004

"Dave Brown" <dave.bro…> wrote in message

> When running the Http Server (the Indy demo HTTP Server),
> I use a client app that creates 50 + clients to my server.
> Some of the requests fail with "Connection refused", but not others.

You are probably making the requests too quickly.  When a client is making a
new connection to a server, the connection is placed into a queue until the
server has a chance to call accept() to remove a connection from the queue
and make it active.  A server socket can only queue up so many incoming
connections at a time.  The rest of the incoming connections are refused
until queue space is available again.

TIdTCPServer, the ancestor for TIdHTTPServer, has a ListenQueue property
that defaults to 15.  That means that the queue can only contain a maximum
of 15 queued connections at a time.  If the queue is full, further
connections are refused.

Try increasing the ListenQueue.  If you set it to MaxInt, the socket stack
decides what maximum queu size is appropriate for itself.




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