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Subject: Re: Indy 10 TIdHTTP and Port number
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004

<jeff.east…> wrote in message

> I am a little confused about the use of the TIdHTTP component
> and custom port numbers. There is no property to set if I have a
> web server running on a custom port.

You are supposed to specify the Port number in the URL itself, ie:


> Since I can't set the property in any way, I call Connect with the
> port number as a parameter.

Connect() does not have a Port parameter.

> I check the TIdHTTP object, and the Port is set to 600.  Then I
> call Get to get a test page from the server, and when I do, I get a
> "Connection Refused" error.

Get() (and Post()) extracts the port number from the specified URL,
defaulting to 80 if not present, and then (re-)connects accordingly.  Since
your web server is not running on port 80, TIdHTTP cannot connect to it.

> I again check the TIdHTTP object, and the Port has been
> switched back to 80 on me.

As well it should.

> And why isn't there simply a Port property to set like every other
> TCP client component?

There is such a property.  Get() and Post() assign it dynamically based on
the specified URL, because the HTTP protocol requires the port number to be
specified in the URL in the first place.



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