idHTTP with SSL and MS Proxy Server 2 with NTLM Authentication

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Subject: idHTTP with SSL and MS Proxy Server 2 with NTLM Authentication
Posted by:  Fabio Dalle Ave (fabio.dallea…
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004

I developed a function of an application that connects to a web server
and downloads updates for a bunch of files (both applications and data
files). The web server uses SSL, and the application runs smoothly (now
that I discovered how to add NTLM authentication).
The application uses the idHTTP component, and the web server is IIS
running on Windows 2000 server.
Customers with MS Proxy Server 2 and NTLM authentication cannot seem to
get through the process correctly.

Is there any known problem with NTLM authentication over MS Proxy
Server 2?

This is what happens:

the client has a list of files with version numbers, and asks the
server for updates to the files (one request for each connection).
The server replies with the updated file or with a message saying that
the file is already up to date.

Along this process something happens and the client dies for no
apparent reason (always checking the same file, it would seem).
Since the process works with ISA Server and NTLM authentication, it
seems that MS Proxy could cause the problem.

I also have a log generated by idHTTP component if needed.

Any clue anyone?


Fabio Dalle Ave