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Subject: HTTP Proxy
Posted by:  Jens Kallup (jkall…
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005

Hello Newsgroup,

I used TidHTTPServer to make a little proxy program with Indy 10
I can get http requests from client side and working is fine and I can
with data like "Hello World!" ...
But when I try to handle https request, the browser displays me an
error page - Site can't be displayed.
This problem exits so long till I remove the tidServerIOHandlerSSLOpenSSL
component from the Form.
I know, that HTTPS uses port 443, but how can I programm this?
The default port of TidHTTPServer is port 80.
I exportet an class 3 CertFile (property) from the Internet Explorer
certificate handler (menu: extras->internetoptions ...)
with base64 encoding.
But I get always page error in the browser.
Pages can be viewed, if I don't use the proxy settings.

Thanks for hints, tips and code snippets.
Jens Kallup