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Subject: Re: Indy 9 Error
Posted by:  Jim (
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005

Unfortunately I do not have a solution for you however
I have been experiencing a problem that might be related:

My debug stack looks something like this:

120 00c5de10 77f45275 00000000 00c5de3c 00c5de28
121 00c5e174 77f45275 00000000 00c5e1a0 00c5e18c
122 00c5e4d8 77f45275 00000000 00c5e504 00c5e4f0
123 00c5e83c 77f45275 00000000 00c5e868 00c5e854
124 00c5eba0 77f45275 00000000 00c5ebcc 00c5ebb8
125 00c5ef04 77f45275 00000000 00c5ef30 00c5ef1c
126 00c5f268 77f45275 00000000 00c5f294 00c5f280
127 00c5f5cc 77f45275 00000000 00c5f614 00c5f5e4
128 00c5f934 406d5be2 0eedfade 00000001 00000007
129 00c5f98c 406d4dea 406d7afb 00c5f9ac 40005f9c
12a 00c5f9a4 400062ec 00c5fa18 400060db 00c5f9c4
12b 00c5f9c4 4000676e 00c5fa24 00c5fa14 4007666c
12c 00c5fa24 77f47dc9 01f30000 00000000 00000000 rtl70!SystemHalt0$qqrv+0x5e
12d 00c5fa44 77f535b5 01f39d98 01f30000 00000000
With the exeception being thrown as:

4/14/2005 10:35:34 AM
    Error Msg: Error on call Winsock2 library function socket: Either the
application has not called WSAStartup, or WSAStartup failed
    Error Code: 0
    Type: Delphi Exception
    Source: NovusEmail_BO_u.SendEmail
    Addl: Intended Recipient: <hidden>
    User/PC: on COMPROD05

I am running a COM+ Application on Windows 2003 Server. Using Delphi 7.0 and
the version of Indy that ships with Delphi. I run into this problem when
trying to send an email via the SMTP modules but I believe that it all boils
down to the Winsock handling in Indy.

I posted this information a while ago in the SMTP group on this server but
received no response, hopefully somebody else will have an idea on this.


> exception class : EIdWS2StubError
> exception message : Error on call Winsock2 library function WSACleanup:
> Either the application has not called WSAStartup, or WSAStartup failed.
> thread $880 (TthdDataConnectorTransmission):
> 00605c11 Indy60.bpl IdWinSock2 4219 WS2Call
> 00604e19 Indy60.bpl IdWinSock2 3967 WS2Stub_WSACleanup
> 006082c1 Indy60.bpl IdStackWindows 580 Finalization
> 40006266 rtl60.bpl System FinalizeUnits


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