Re: Additional methods in TIdHTTP?

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Subject: Re: Additional methods in TIdHTTP?
Posted by:  Mark Williams (mark@{removethis}
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005

Have a look at the IDWebDav unit, this does just that to add webDav methods.

"Andrew Fiddian-Green" <nn@dd> wrote in message
> In about 2001 somebody mentioned that it was intended to implement in V10
> some additional methods in TIdHTTP such as Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Notify
> etc.
> What is the status of this?
> I guess a quick solution would be to create a descendent of THTTP that
> overrides and extends the PrepareRequest and BuildAndSendRequest methods.
> Regards,
> AndrewFG


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Additional methods in TIdHTTP? posted by Andrew Fiddian-Green on Thu, 16 Jun 2005