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Subject: Re: passing custom header to http server
Posted by:  Vlad Gonchar (vgonch…
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005

>> I try to pass my custom header to the server. Is it legal?
> That depends on what exactly you are doing.

I try to speed up my code. One of the options is to do compression.
But I'd like to do compression on my own (e.g. I decide if current message
size is >2048, then compress, else - no)
So when my http client deflates a message I'd like to let my http server
know it has to inflate
this particular message content before processing it.

> Use the CustomHeaders only.
Yes, I figured out that on client side I can write my header into
But at server side I discovered it only in RowHeaders (and I am using it).
Is it the place where I have to read it from?

> Please show your actual code.

IdHTTP1.Request.CustomHeaders.Add( 'Compressed: Yes' ) - client side

aStr := ARequestInfo.RawHeaders.Values[ 'Compressed' ] - server side


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