Live Stream - Server side example

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Subject: Live Stream - Server side example
Posted by:  Ron (rramag…
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005

I am using Indy 10 and D2005 with Win32 app.  I have the HTTP CLient Live Stream Demo, but am looking for a server side for that demo.  My project involves sending continuous live audio data from server located outside a firewall back to client on inside of firewall.  I work for large corp where opening the firewall is not an option, but we do have internet access for web browsing.  It appears that I can originate TCP/HTTP requests and get immediate responses, but cannot receive unsolicited connection requests.

I have successfully completed a program, using TCP components, to send and receive continuous audio data all within a firewall, where I originate a connection and then create a reverse connection with another client-server pair.  However, to go outside the firewall it appears I need to use something similar to HTTP Get command to originate request from inside a firewall and get back contents of continous audio stream from outside without tying up the client waiting for one get command to finish.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.