TIdHTTP proxy authentication

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Subject: TIdHTTP proxy authentication
Posted by:  M├írta Csaba (petit…@invitel.hu)
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005


I have problem with TIdHTTP proxy authentication. I wrote some letters to
news groups but I haven't got any answers.

I use D7 Enterprise and Indy 10. The TIdHTTP works only with the Basic
auhtentication, but the Digest, NTLM fails. I use squid proxy server.

source code:
HTTP.ProxyParams.ProxyServer  := PServerName;
HTTP.ProxyParams.ProxyPort    := 3128;
HTTP.ProxyParams.ProxyUsername:= PUser;
HTTP.ProxyParams.ProxyPassword:= PPsswd;

What sould I do to work the authentication correctly?
Can I use Kerberos protocoll with TIdHTTP during proxy authentication
(win2003 ISA proxy)?

Best Regards
Csaba Márta