HTTP 1.1 behaviour

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Subject: HTTP 1.1 behaviour
Posted by:  Tomazz (tomaz.kos…
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006

I'm using Indy.Sockets 10 for .net and trying to measure response time of web request.
When requesting server with http 1.1 HTTP.Get method hangs (or waiting for server to close connection?). Using HTTP.ProtocolVersion.pv1_0 or adding custom headers Connection: Close helps, response is fetched in timely maner. I can also use ReadTimeout property, but this aproach is not exact when measuring response times.

With this workaround i cannot simulate browser behaviour of http 1.1 requesting model, since connection will be closed for each request on web page (more requests in same connection session).

Is there another solution to this problem?