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Subject: Re: Indy 10 and Proxies
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006

"Tim Bird" <> wrote in message

> I now just cannot make proxies work. I just keep getting 407 errors.

According to RFC 2616:

10.4.8 407 Proxy Authentication Required

  This code is similar to 401 (Unauthorized), but indicates that the
  client must first authenticate itself with the proxy. The proxy MUST
  return a Proxy-Authenticate header field (section 14.33) containing a
  challenge applicable to the proxy for the requested resource. The
  client MAY repeat the request with a suitable Proxy-Authorization
  header field (section 14.34). HTTP access authentication is explained
  in "HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication"

Sounds to me like you do not have an OnProxyAuthorization event handler
assigned OR the proxy is using an authentication scheme that TIdHTTP does
not recognize.  The only authentication unit you have added to your project
is IdAuthenticationNTLM.  Perhaps the proxy is using something other than




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