Access to RequestInfo at OnCreatePostStream

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Subject: Access to RequestInfo at OnCreatePostStream
Posted by:  Alex (afan…
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006


It seems that I cannot see the http headers when I am asked to provide a stream to accept the data for a http post at the OnCreatePostStream event in the HTTPServer. Unfortunately, I want to know what is being posted (by resource/document/uri/headers, etc. so I can choose to use a MemoryStream (for small things) or a FileStream (for large files).

I have modified the CustomHTTPServer object to do this for myself, and was wondering... I'd like to ask the Indy People if they might either incorporate those changes into the Indy project itself, or perhaps modify it to achieve the same result.

Who should I contact about this?

Please email me directly at afan…

Thank you,