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Subject: Re: RequestInfo.AuthUsername problem
Posted by:  Jeremy Coulter (v…
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006

agh....hate that. When you use multiple tabs in FireFox its obviously
treated as one whole session.....closed firefox down, opend it again, then
the authentification code worked again....sigh :-)


"Jeremy Coulter" <v…> wrote in message
> HI All.
> I am using Indy 9 (because I have not got round to updating yet) Delphi 7
> and FireFox.
> I am running the HTTPServer demo, and all works fine, accept, when I  tick
> the use "Require Authentification" check box, and go to the default page,
> and I enter in "Indy" and "rocks" it authenitcates fine, BUT, the problem
> I have is, from that point on, every time I evaluate the value of
> "RequestInfo.AuthUsername" its ALWAYS "Indy" and I cant see how to reset
> it. This is a real pain, since I am going to want to reset this. This
> happens even if I restart the demo too, like its a cookie, but I cant see
> any files anywhere or any cookies where the username and password is
> stored, but can someone help me out here?
> Thanks, Jeremy



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RequestInfo.AuthUsername problem posted by Jeremy Coulter on Sat, 7 Oct 2006