About Validation requests and responces

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Subject: About Validation requests and responces
Posted by:  Tommi Prami (tommi.nospam.prami@poista.ecomond.com)
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006


Is there any tools for validatin Http-Client requests and server responces.

Because we have tricky problem where M$-iis tells that our client
request is not valid (400-bad request). And this happens only in
customers server, of cource it works here in the "lab" (on our IIS) :)

Any ideas how to track this this down, what actually is wrong. Most
likely we mess up wit the headers, or does something in our code make
indy(9) client to fail. We don't know yet.

And we made simple client that is not our production code and we got it
to work, something weird indeeed.

So I was just pondering that is some one knows of some validators which
would point out what exactly is wron. Or is there way to get the
absolytely raw data out some way to analyze that???