IdHTTP component breakpointing in 10.1.5 / D6??

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Subject: IdHTTP component breakpointing in 10.1.5 / D6??
Posted by: (usen…
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006

I just updated my Indy VCL components from 10.0.52 to 10.1.5 (Using Delphi 6
Update 2 on Win2k SP4) and now when running my program in the debugger it
continually stops on line 1172 in IdHTTP.pas..  There is no error or
anything, it feels like a hardware INT3 breakpoint, but there the CPU window
shows no such thing.

The code used is simple, as I'm just testing functionality of the new Indy
version.  Click a button and it navigates to a webpage using the
TFrameBrowser component from PBear, with the LoadURL() method.

The stop/breakpoint occurs every time IdHTTP1.Get(URL, STREAM) is called.
The Stream (TMemoryStream) has been created.

Any thoughts on what's going on here?  Did something go awry in the upgrade?
I installed the new version of Indy to a different directory after
uninstalling the old one from the Delphi IDE and removing all references to
it in the library paths.