Proxy Digest authentication

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Subject: Proxy Digest authentication
Posted by:  Majky (majky…
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007

Hi, guys ...

I've been messing around with the proxy authentication, currently focusing
on Digest.

I did my testing on Indy 10.1.5 and also checked the latest CVS snapshot.

From what I've seen in idAuthenticationDigest.pas I'd guess this
authentication is not working properly.

Here's what I've learned so far:
1, there's a bug in the DoNext() function on line:
            FQopOptions.CommaText := Params.Values['qop'];
    I believe it should be:
        FQopOptions.CommaText := LParams.Values['qop'];
      to use the correct LParams local object/variable, otherwise the QoP
options are not used/set in the authentication response resulting in
authentication failure.

2, Method and URI properties are not used/implemented. I believe at least
the Method property must be set according to Request.Method (GET/POST/etc.)
because it's used in the auth.response. If it's not set it also results in
auth.failure as the hash generated by client doesn't match the one gen. by

Fixing these two issues I was able to get the Digest auth. working (testing
using FreeProxy) but when making a HTTP request (thru proxy) there's always
a ~15sec delay (some sort of timeout?) that I couldn't figure out.

I'd like to make the Digest proxy auth. work flawlessly and any help on this
issue is always appreciated. I hope I helped you out a little bit too.

Regards, Majky ...