Re: Questions about Indy HTTP support for Windows

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Subject: Re: Questions about Indy HTTP support for Windows
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (Indy Team) (
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007

"Crunchy Cat" <kgoldste…> wrote in message

> I am using Visual Studio 2003 C++ (no .NET).

You can't use Indy in VC++ without .NET.  You would have to write a
Delphi/BCB DLL wrapper and then use that instead.

> * Can Indy clients support HTTP operations on files > 4gb in size?

In Indy 10, yes.  In older versions, no.

> * What is the maximum number of threads an Indy client can use on a
single HTTP connection?

Most Indy clients are not multithreaded internally.  HTTP is one of
them  It runs in whatever thread you call it in.  So your thread limit
is whatever your environment supports.

> * Does Indy link statically?

It can.  But not for VC++.

> * Do I have to use DLLs or can I compile it into my project

Indy does not directly support VC++ without .NET.  It is a VCL-based
library, so it only works in Borland environments.

> * Do I have to compile / link in everything


> can I seperate HTTP support out and just use that?


For everything you're asking for, unless you are willing to make your
own DLL wrapper, then you would be better off just using Microsoft's
own WinInet or WinHTTP APIs instead.  Or find another third-party
library that natively supports VC++, such as libcurl




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