Re: TIdHTTP's Get-method locks ?

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Subject: Re: TIdHTTP's Get-method locks ?
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (Indy Team) (
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007

<…> wrote in message news:711A537E7532E340…

> after some hours this camera stops responding. The get method,
> which is embedded in a try...catch block, starts now throwing the
> exception "Read timeout" when trying to fetch data from the camera.

That is to be expected if the camera is not responding.

> The next call of get seems to crash my TThread completely,
> although the exception should be catched.

It will be.

> My first thought was that the get-method blocks my thread

It does.

> that can't be the case, because each get is guarded by a
> second TThread which disconnects the TIdHTTP instance
> after a specific time.

TIdHTTP has its own ReadTimeout property for that.

>    catch(EIdHTTPProtocolException &e){

You should always catch exceptions by 'const' reference instead, ie:

    catch(const EIdHTTPProtocolException &e)



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