Re: Error compiling IndyProtocols50.dpk

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Subject: Re: Error compiling IndyProtocols50.dpk
Posted by:  Mark Williams (mark@{removethis}
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007

There are a few problems with the Delphi 5 install relating to PByte. The
necessary Windows declaration does not appear in a few files. Also, the use
of Stream Seek uses soCurrent when it needs to use SoFromCurrent for Delphi
5. Wonder why Borland saw fit to change the latter.

I suppose the answer is to move onto a new version of Delphi. But I am just
so happy in my Delphi 5 world. Does what I want it to do and so I see no

"Mark Williams" <mark@{removethis}> wrote in message
>I cannot install Indy10 because there is reference in IdSSLOpenHeaders.pas
>tp an undeclared identifier ie PByte.
> Using Delphi 5.
> Any help appreciated?
> Thanks
> Mark


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Error compiling IndyProtocols50.dpk posted by Mark Williams on Mon, 3 Sep 2007