Reliability of HTTP Get

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Subject: Reliability of HTTP Get
Posted by:  Ross McMillan (
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007

I have an app that gets a file from a web server.  An ASP page is passed
authenitication data (username, password) and a filename.  The file is read
and then output by the ASP page so the only response is the file I am
requesting.  The file I want to receive is XML with the major portion of it
being a Base64-encoded block.

I use the Indy component TidHTTP to get the file:

        HTTPClient.Request.ContentType := 'text/html';
        HTTPClient.Request.CacheControl := 'no-cache' ;
        Response.Text := HTTPClient.Get (TIdURI.URLEncode (URL)) ;

Problem is that more often than not, the returned file contains errors.  In
a 200k file, 2 or 3 characters are often munged.  Occasionally I manage to
receive the file without errors.  Small files are OK.

How reliable is the HTTP protocol?  Would it be more reliable to redirect to
the target file from the ASP page.  I say this because HTTP seems to have no
problems getting .ZIP files oe huge setup exe files.