Http.GetFile waiting forever

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Subject: Http.GetFile waiting forever
Posted by:  Thomas Bergerot (
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007

Hi !

I still have a problem using TIdHttp.GetFile.

Sometimes (especially when the connection is badly lost), the function
keeps waiting forever.

So i know this is a Winsock caveat, which has nothing to do with Indy,
but the problem is i have a thread deadlocked with the GetFile, and it's
a real problem for me.

So what is the solution to avoid this kind of problem ? There MUST be a
solution !!!! Don't tell me every programmer using Winsock is stuck in
front of this without a solution.

What can i do to detect, and disconnect the socket, and so release the
GetFile function, avoiding my tranfer thread to be deadlocked ?

Please help, i've been thru a lot of forums and docs, without any clue :(

Merry Christmas to all..