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Subject: IdAuthenticationSSPI
Posted by:  Chris Krohn (ckro…
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008

I am trying to get SSPI authentication working and in reading various things, I discovered
that I should be using the nightly builds as the source version I was on was fairly old
(10.0.52).  So I downloaded that latest build last night but I'm having a new problem
today.  It seems that both IdAuthenticationSSPI and IdAuthenticationNTLM both try and
register (via RegisterAuthenticationMethod) NTLM.  For some reaosn, there is a new unit
called IdAllAuthentications which loads IdAuthenticationNTLM and Digest but not SSPI
(probably because of the same error).  So when I add SSPI to my uses it tries to
reregister NTLM and I get an exception.  For the short term, I've removed
IdAllAuthentication and IdAuthenticationNTLM but there should be some way of determining
which unit will handle what method when more than one unit can do it.

Chris Krohn
Cayman Islands
Chris Krohn
IT Manager
Cayman Islands Port Authority
ckrohn at caymanport dot com