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Subject: Re: IdAuthenticationSSPI
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008

"Chris Krohn" <ckro…> wrote in message

> It seems that both IdAuthenticationSSPI and IdAuthenticationNTLM
> both try and register (via RegisterAuthenticationMethod) NTLM.

Which is why you can't use them together.  Use one or the other, not both.

> For some reaosn, there is a new unit called IdAllAuthentications which
> loads IdAuthenticationNTLM and Digest but not SSPI (probably
> because of the same error).  So when I add SSPI to my uses it tries to
> reregister NTLM and I get an exception.  For the short term, I've
> removed IdAllAuthentication and IdAuthenticationNTLM but there should
> be some way of determining which unit will handle what method when
> more than one unit can do it.

There is not intended to be multiple units doing the same thing.  One unit
is older, the other is newer.  I do not know which one is meant to be used
for NTLM, as I don't use any of the IdAuthnetication classes myself.  I'm
guessing IdAuthenticationNTLM, since that is what IdAllAutnetications uses.
The main difference between the two is that TIdAuthenticationSSPI uses
Microsoft's own security API, whereas IdAuthenticationNTLM implements NTLM
manually instead.




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