Wierd download problem

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Subject: Wierd download problem
Posted by:  Mark Williams (mark@{removethis}skwirel.com)
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008

This is a really odd one.

I am automating a website and downloading pdfs. The pdfs contain plans in
what appears to be a fairly unusual format.

I use standard get to download. Some of the pdf plans downloaded in this way
can only be opened in Acrobat. All other pdf viewers, manipulators report
that the pdf is corrupt. I appreciate that Acrobat is mopre tolerant of
breach than other applications.

But here's the odd thing. If I go into the actual site and download and save
the plan to pdf there is no problem.

There surely can be no difference in the file downloaded direct from the
website to the one I download using an Indy Get. Or is there and if so is
there anything I can do about this.