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Subject: Re: Wierd download problem
Posted by:  Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu (chad-…
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2008

The site is probably checking your headers. You need to emulate the browser
as close as possible in such a case.

"Mark Williams" <mark@{removethis}> wrote in message
> This is a really odd one.
> I am automating a website and downloading pdfs. The pdfs contain plans in
> what appears to be a fairly unusual format.
> I use standard get to download. Some of the pdf plans downloaded in this
> way can only be opened in Acrobat. All other pdf viewers, manipulators
> report that the pdf is corrupt. I appreciate that Acrobat is mopre
> tolerant of breach than other applications.
> But here's the odd thing. If I go into the actual site and download and
> save the plan to pdf there is no problem.
> There surely can be no difference in the file downloaded direct from the
> website to the one I download using an Indy Get. Or is there and if so is
> there anything I can do about this.
> Thanks


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