Timeout with 302 server redirects

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Subject: Timeout with 302 server redirects
Posted by:  Christian Kaufmann (christian.kaufma…@gmx.net)
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008


I send a GET request to a server which responses with a 302 redirect.
I set HandleRedirects := True; So far, everything works fine, except
the following code causes a timeout of 5 seconds:



line 1899:

    if FHTTP.Connected then begin
      // This is a workaround for buggy HTTP 1.1 servers which
      // does not return any body with 302 response code
      DiscardContent(5000); // Lets wait for any kind of content

What do I have to change, so that I don't have this timeout of 5
seconds for each request?

cu Christian