HTTPWebBrokerBridge under Delphi 2009

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Subject: HTTPWebBrokerBridge under Delphi 2009
Posted by:  Andreas Kr├╝mberg (andre…
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008

Hello NG,
I'm want to build a standalone webservice under delphi 2009.

I used the HTTPWebBrokerBridge of the svn folder.
For Delphi 2009 I had to change a few method declarations from string to

If I start the webservice I can see the WSInformation page with the browser
without any problems.
But if I try to use a simple method of this Web Service. I get the
Exception, that the Top level elemet of the xml file is missing.

So I let the apllication message the Request.content in the beforedispatch
event. And saw that it's empty.

Does someone have similar experience or any ideas what's going wrong.

Thank you